Healthy eating at school

I would like to draw to your attention the school’s healthy eating policy.  Ms Marguerite has sent it out with the other school policies by e mail today.  I would like to urge you to read through the policy and to ensure that the contents of your children’s lunchboxes are in line with what is set out in the policy.

As from this week, no unhealthy options will be allowed.  These will be removed from the lunch boxes and sent home together with a note.  Obviously, no child will be left hungry but if there is not enough food left to be eaten once the unhealthy options are removed, you might receive a phone call asking you how to solve the issue.  I do not want to have to be inspecting lunch boxes and removing items from them so please help me by co-operating with the school.

I know that a lot of people worry because their children are picky eaters but I am sure that you will manage to find a way to provide a healthy lunch for your child.  After all, at their age, they are developing eating habits that they will keep for their lifetime and it is of utmost importance that healthy routines are established.

I would like to mention the following to ensure that all is clear:

  1. Other only drinks permissible other than water are milk, smoothies and fruit juices with a low sugar content.  No diluted juice drinks are allowed.
  2. Sponges and croissants should be plain or with a yoghurt filling – no jam, cream or chocolate please.
  3. Similarly, cereal bars should not contain any chocolate and neither should cereals.  You should also avoid cereals that are high in sugar and choose those whose sugar level is equivalent to that of cornflakes, rice crispies or corn pops.
  4. When choosing crackers you should try to ensure that the salt content is as low as possible.  No savoury packets such as crisps are allowed.
  5. No pastizzi, sausages, sausage rolls, bacon, chicken nuggets and fish fingers.
  6. No nuts or items containing nuts are allowed.  This is very important due to the presence of children with allergies in the school.
  7. Cakes sent in for birthdays should be plain – chocolate, white or marble without any icing or chocolate on top.  In Pre-Junior we do not light up candles for safetly reasons.
  8. Even though the children are allowed to bring in sponges, cereals and cereal bars it is important that most of the children’s lunch is made up of savoury items and fruit.  One sponge/cereal bar per lunch box is what we expect to see.
  9. On Thursdays the children are allowed to bring in a treat.  This should be equivalent in size to a fun sized chocolate bar.  Please check the ingredients carefully for the presence of nuts especially if you send in wafers which tend to have hazelnut paste.




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