All about me

Image result for child looking in mirror

Today we started working on a new topic – all about me.  We discussed how even though we all have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, ten fingers and ten toes, we all look different because our faces are different shapes, our eye and hair colour is different, our hair can be long or short, curly or straight and we come in different sizes.  The children had some time to look at themselves in a mirror and then proceeded to make their own self portraits.

Next week we will be talking about our likes and dislikes.  Could I ask you to send in pictures of your child’s favourite foods?  I will send back the red folder in your child’s bag tomorrow.  Could you please return them on Monday with the pictures inside?  If you have not yet returned the folder, you can keep it until Monday.

Thank  you for your help.  I appreciate the fact that we have been asking for lots of items but the topics we are dealing with at the moment requires a bit of input from parents at home in order to be fruitful for the children.


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