Growing up and going to school

As from  the beginning of the school year, we have been working mainly on the theme, “Growing up and going to school”.  As you know, we started off with the book “There was an old lady who swallowed some books” and linked the letter s to the schoolbag that popped out of her at the end of the book.  We continuing working on the theme with the story of Chester the raccoon who also started school.

We explored the concept of zero which means nothing.  Empty containers have nothing in them so this served also as an introduction to the concepts of full and empty using the book about the Old Lady.  After she swallowed all the items, she was full.


When the bag popped out at the end of the book, her tummy was empty but the school bag was full.


We experimented with the formation of zero in sand and during craft sessions.  Zero is formed like this “Around and round and round we go, When we get home, we have a zero.”

We then followed up with the book, “Spot goes to School” by Eric Hill.

There were quite a few literacy and numeracy concepts that we could link with this book.  We saw that Spot started with the S sound as did a number of pictures in the  book – starfish, stone, swing, seesaw, sand, slide.  We also looked at Spot’s friends and then tried to see whether we could remember the names of our own friends in class.  Next we focused on Spot’s friend the alligator and saw that alligator starts with the “a” sound.

You can access  games and songs relating to the letter s by following this link –

and games and songs relating to the letter s by following this link –

We saw that Spot had one spot on his back and this led us to working on the recognition formation and value of the number 1.  Number 1 is formed like this “Start at the top and down we run, that’s the way we make a one.”  The children were also exposed to the  Numicon shape for number 1 which can be seen below.

Image result for Numicon number 1

Finally we also used a number 1 flashcard that takes the shape of Mrs Owl.  In order to help them remember to form number 1 from the top, I told them that Mrs Owl liked to be stroked from her head to her feet.  If they start from the bottom and move upwards, they will ruffle her feathers.  Mrs Owl will get annoyed and bite them!

No 1 Mrs Owl


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