Animal awareness week

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Next week is animal awareness week.  Our topic for that week will be animals and all our activities will be centered around animals and pets.  The main event that week will be animal awareness day on Wednesday 19th October and on that day, the children’s pets are invited to join us at school between 8 and 10 am (accompanied by an adult).  You should have received a letter from Ms Georgina with a form to fill in if you would like to bring your pet along.  You may also bring your pet to class at an allotted time between 8.15 and 9am – you will need to inform me and Ms Georgina that you would like to do so.  I do encourage those of you to have pets join us at school as it is a lovely occasion and the children really enjoy having their pets with them.

Some other things:

  1. As part of animal awareness week activities we also collect donations of pet food that we then donate to pet sanctuaries and NGOs.  If you would like to make a donation, please do so in the form of tinned pet food.
  2. On Wednesday, children are allowed to come to school in casual clothes but we would like them to wear something purple to support the Purple for Paws cause.
  3. On Wednesday, we will be also having a pet themed cooking activity.  I will be sending the children’s notebook home with further details tomorrow.



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