Term 1, week – All about me

The theme this week was all about me.  The first book that we read relating to this theme was the story of the mixed up Chameleon.

After a discussion we saw how good it is that we can all do different things and that we are not exactly like each other – even though at times we say that we wish that we could be like someone else.  This led us to talk about the things we like best – our favourite colours and our favourite foods.  We drew up a graph showing everyone’s favourite colour or colours and the children stuck their pictures of their favourite food on their workbooks.  There was a bit of exchanging of pictures going on so when you get the workbooks back, don’t be surprised if the picture that your child stuck were not the ones you sent in.


We continued working on the topic of myself by seeing how we could take care of ourselves.  We dealt with 4 main areas – washing our hands before we eat, having a bath, brushing our hair and brushing our teeth 2 times a day.  We the focused on brushing our teeth, linking teeth with the letter t.  Games and songs relating to the letter t can be found here http://prejuniorareading.wikispaces.com/Letter+t

The next area was learning about good manners.  We started off with the topic of Goldilocks and saw how the story could have ended differently had Goldilocks been polite and not walked into someone else’s house and used their things.  We sorted actions into good or bad manners and saw how important it was to say please and thank you, ask before taking things, not interrupt while someone else is speaking, know and wait for an answer before entering a room, cover your mouth when you sneeze and blow your nose.


Once again we linked our literacy to n for nose – games and songs can be found here http://prejuniorareading.wikispaces.com/Letter+n

The story of Goldilocks also helped us link the number 3 into our activities as well as the concept of big, small and medium-sized objects. Earlier on during the week, we also had a sorting activity when we attached a 1 or a 2 to different parts of our body.

Lastly, we spoke about our senses and how they help us to find out about the world around us.  I had brought items into class to help the children explore their senses. We spent some moments in silence trying to hear sounds, near and far, that we are not normally aware of.  We heard teachers in other classes and children moving around.   They tasted bread with butter and bread with jam and saw how their tongue helped them find out which one was sweet.  They looked through toilet tubes with the front bit covered in coloured plastic to see how the classroom looked different when seen through the coloured plastic.  They smelt containers containing coffee, clothes conditioner and tomato sauce and they felt the textures of balloons filled with different items – one was filled with water, one with rice and one with water.  The children really enjoyed this session, exploring all the items to the full.  We concluded the session by doing a craft of a bear and sticking items on it to represent the 5 senses.


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