Of Pets and other animals

Term 1, week 4 was dedicated to pets and other animals.   We started off with the story, Dear Zoo by Rod Campell.  This led to as discussion about which animals can be kept as pets and which are too big and need to reside in big fields or forests.  We also saw how once we took on pets, we needed to care for them as well as possible.

We counted the legs of some of the animals in the story and this led to the introduction of number 4.  Number 4 is formed like this – “We start at the top, go down, across and down some more.”  Our animal number for number 4 is made up of Mummy Caterpillar and Baby Caterpillar going for a walk.                                      No 4 caterpillar.png

Our literacy link to the topic of pets was (of course) the letter p for pets.  We found that there were many animals that start with the letter p – pig, pengiun, panda, polar bear and parrot.  Our craft relating to this letter was a parrot.  We also spent a session talking about insects and the letter i.  We read the book Bob and Otto by Robert O. Bruel in which we saw that insects have special jobs as well that are valuable.

This year, we call the letter i, “i” as in insect, ink, igloo, inside, indian and not “i” as in ice cream.  If your child already know that i is for ice cream, we will teach him/her to understand that this is the name of the letter and the sound is “i” for insect.  This will be important for when we start reading simple words.

Letters p and i are formed like this.  To write the letter p, you “Start at the top, big bounce up and make a head”.  To write the letter i, you “Start at the top, go down and make a tail, lift and dot”.

The links to the e learning site for letter p is …

and for the letter i is …






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