Halloween fun

Yesterday was a day jam packed full with activities.  We started off with some breakfast, as usual, but were interrupted by the management team dressed up as spooky jellyfish who were singing and dancing in the corridor.  We then went to the canteen with the other Pre-Junior classes and played some games – bowling with toilet roll ghosts,  pin the bow on the skeleton and fish the treasure out of the box.  You can see all these in the photos below.  When we returned to class, we cooked “Mummy Tortillas” and “Banana Ghosts” which we then proceeded to eat together with the other items the children brought in with them.  After that, there was time for some Halloween songs and dancing until we were interrupted by the Junior 1s coming round for Trick or Treat. Later on, it was time for us to visit the other Pre-Junior and Junior 1 classes for Trick or Treat and to host the other Pre-Junior classes.  At the end, there was just enough time for the children to have quick bite to eat and pack their bags before it was time to go home.  Here are the photos …


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