Halloween week

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Our journey this week took us through a trail of stories about witches, songs about ghosts and information about animals that like to come out at night and we picked up letters, numbers and shapes along the way.  We started off with the story “Room on a Broom” by Julia Donaldson that took us to the world of witches and spells.  We then zoomed in to the character of the witch and learnt about the letter h with the help of the  friendly witch Harriet who has brown Hair and wear a Hat.  She lives in a House on a Hill and has a Hen in her Hand.  The children looked for words beginning with h in the picture below.


Letter h is shaped like this, “Start at the top, small bounce up, tunnel and tail”.  This is the first time that the children encountered the idea of a small bounce which means that they stop half way up the letter.  They are still processing this idea but we will be repeating it when we do letters like k and b.  It is a one-armed robot letter because it goes down and then bounces up.

We then saw how witches’ hats are made up of triangles and we discussed the properties of triangles – they have 3 sides, 3 corners and their sides can be any size.  We made witches’ hats using triangles and looked for triangles around us in the class.  This is what we found. Some of the shapes have rounded corners but they were close enough in shape to triangles and so we took photos of them.

The bat on the children’s trick and treat bag was also made out of triangles for its wings and ears.wp-1477737521500.jpg

After reading the book “Meg’s fancy dress party” by Jan Pienkowsk and Helen Nicoll we had a look at the animals portrayed in books about witches.  In this book there was an owl and cat – both animals that can move around easily at night.  This led us on to the bat which is another animal that moves around in the dark.  I paraphrased the story of Echo the Bat (in the link below) to explain to the  children the growth process of bats and how they catch their food in the dark.



The last bit of the puzzle was linking the number 5 to the number of people and animals on the truly magnificent broom at the end of the Room on a Broom story. We also stuck 5 stars on our witches’ hats and jumped up and down to a song called 5 naughty ghosts.

Image result for room on the broom magnificent broom

All the stories that were related to the children during the week and the songs that we used in class may be found by following this link: https://stcathsprejuniortopicwork.wikispaces.com/Halloween


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