Christmas concert – participation form revised

I apologise but I have managed to create confusion over the forms and costume expenses for the school concert.  I had received the form that I had attached to the previous post and had not noticed that it was only for the upper juniors.  When some of you pointed out that there was juniors 3-6 on the top, I thought that I had erroneously posted the one that I had received for my daughter by mistake.  So sorry for the confusion caused.

I should have returned all the money and forms that you sent in.  If you sent in the payment and did not get it back, please let me know.  I

What you need to do now is send back the form I sent out today.  No money is required so far.  I have a good idea of what costumes will be required but will need to work out the details once I know the final number of children participating especially for items I will be getting online as that effects the postage costs.  If you had filled in the measurements for your child and still have the paper, you can send it back in as that will help me select the correct size.  If not, if you write down the height of your child on the form, it would help me greatly.

If anything is not clear, please do not hesitate to ask.


One thought on “Christmas concert – participation form revised

  1. Dear Ms Steph, Can you kindly attach the form to the post please? I remember having received the hard copy but i cannot find an e version and I manged to misplace the hard copy. There are some rehearsal dates which I need to pencil in. (unless perhaps you can simply post these dates and times). Whichever is easier. Thanks


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