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As from last Friday, the topic around which all our activities have been centered was My Family.  We have seem how families can be big or small and how no one family is the same as the other.  I showed the children my family tree in two bits – the one when I was young with my mother, father and brothers and sisters – and the family in which I am the mum with my husband and have my own  children.  The children were fascinated with the idea that I had a mum and a dad!!  The children made their own family trees.  We widened the concept of family to people we love and care about.  So some children have included, some uncles, aunts, cousins and in some cases close friends.  Some children added on a couple of brothers or sisters which I am not convinced really exist but I allowed them to do so.  So do not be alarmed if  when you see the tree your child made, your family has a few imaginary members 🙂

We have completed our work on m for mummy and tomorrow we will be starting to work on letter d for daddy.  Today following the jolly phonics story for the letter m, we spoke about the many meals that our parents prepare for us.  Each child had their turn to say what their favourite food is.  After each child said what they like to eat, I said mmm to emphasise the sound that the letter m makes.  Letter m is a one armed robot letter that we write as follows”Start from the top, go down, bounce up, tunnel, tunnel and tail”

Songs and games relating to the letter m can be found by following this link

Our number this week is number 6.  Luckily enough, my family has 6 members in it so it proved to be the perfect link between the number and our topic.  We made the tree for the family tree activity by stamping 6 times with a round stamp placed in green paint.  On our number workbook, the children coloured in a house and put six windows on it.


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