Outing to Girgenti farm – Wed 23rd November 2016

Our first outing for the year will be an outing to a farm in Girgenti and will be held on Wednesday 23rd November.  I am attaching a letter from Ms Karen (which I believe that you have already received by email) will all the details.

The note shows the cost of the outing for your information.  Please do not send any money in as you should already have paid the cost of the outings for the entire year.  If you have not done so, please settle it at your earliest convenience.

There is also a form to be printed and filled in.  I know that this may sometimes be a bit of a problem for parents who do not always have easy access to a printer.  As a general rule, it is equally good if you copy the note by hand giving all the details requested by the form – if the note is short, this may be easier than printing it out.

The children will be responsible for carrying their own bags (under our supervision).  Hence when you send their bag that day, please ensure that your child will be comfortable when carrying it around.  If you are sending in a bag that is different from the one your child uses on a daily basis, please ensure that it is labelled.



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