School shoes

Yesterday I took the children to play in the Flutterby gym at the end of the day.  They had a great time but we had some problems when they had to put their shoes back on as the shoes are all very similar and we had a number of unlabelled ones.  So could you please ensure that your child came home wearing the correct shoes.  Jamie went home with a pair of unlabelled ones which are not his.  Someone else should have a pair of shoes with Jamie’s name on them.


7 thoughts on “School shoes

  1. Hello Ms Steph,

    I just checked Sophia ‘s shoes and they are not hers can’t make first name out as the label is worn away but surname Bobby size 25 .Her shoe was labelled inside with cinderella sticker with name and surname on it size 25 also.


    Tara Marmara


      1. Thank you Ms Steph the label of Sophia’s shoes may also be worn away ,well let’s see what happens hopefully all will be sorted.

        Tara Marmara


  2. Hello Ms Steph,

    I checked Giorgo’s shoes this morning only to find out that it’s not his but belong to Jamie. So now I am missing Giorgos’s shoes. I am not sure if the label has been worn away. His size is 27 as well.

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Good afternoon, thank you for informing me. I have passed the information on to Jamie’s mum. The shoes she has are size 28 and she cannot find the name. Could those be Giorgo’s? If not, tomorrow morning I will check everyone’s shoes myself.


    2. Hi again. Ms Iasonidou. Could you confirm the proper spelling of Giorgo’s name? I normally follow the spelling on my class list on which it is spelled Georgios because that is how it is on the application you had filled when you registered him with the school. However, I noticed that you always spell it as Giorgos. Do we have a mistake?


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