Multi-activity marathon day

What a day we had today!!  After having some breakfast at school, preparing all the things we needed to take with us and a short circle time, we set off to the park near the Pembroke church.  Ms Karen carried our bags and accompanied us with her car along the way, helping us cross at each junction.  Once we got there, we first had a picnic lunch with some of the children sitting on the benches and others on picnic mats on the floor.  We then had a story telling session in which I read the story of the Gruffalo to the children – to keep in the theme of the walk as the mouse in the story went on a walk just as we did.  The children then had half an hour to play on the slide and the climbing frame.  Lastly we had a scavenger hunt in which the children had to look for items and colour them in on a paper once they had found them.  This was followed by a tree rubbing session in which the children coloured in a piece of paper placed on the trunk of a tree to see what pattern would emerge.  After all these activities, the children had to face the walk back up.  Initially, I thought that his was going to be a hard task but the children walked very willingly and with a bit of chatting and a bit of singing, we managed to get back to school in no time at all.  Once back in class, the children were hungry and tired.  They had just some time to finish off their lunches whilst watching the movie of the Gruffalo.  I am sure that they must have been exhausted when they got home.  Some were about to nod off as they waiting for their parents to come and collect them.

Just a little reminder that the sponsor sheets need to be returned to school by Friday 18th November.  All forms have to be returned and accounted for even if you did not manage to collect any sponsorships.

Here are some photos:

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