My family … part 2

Last week, completed our topic “My Family”.  We read a book called “Mr Large in Charge” by Jill Murphy.  Mrs Large was feeling a bit ill and the story is about what happens when her husband and children decide to take over the housework and let her rest.  We linked the letter d for Dad to the story.  Letter d is a special letter because it is one of the few letters that you start writing from the middle rather than the top.  It is a caterpillar letter and is written like this: “Start in the middle, make a curve, go up, go down and tail.”


You will find songs and games relating to the letter d by clicking on this link:

We also spoke about how people in families love each other and take care of each other.  I introduced the heart shape to symbolise the love in families.  All the children were already familiar with this shape.  We also connected the concept of love with the Feast of St Martin which was celebrated last week.  In the same way as St Martin shared his cloak with the beggar, so do we share with others to show our love for them.  We discussed different ways of sharing – sharing toys, books, etc, including everybody in our games and also sharing our parents and teachers with our siblings and friends by not interrupting each other and allowing our parents to see to the needs of our brothers and sisters.

You will find links to songs and stories used when discussing this topic by clicking on the this link :


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