The world around me

This week’s topic was the World Around Me.  It is a topic that always interests the children and this year was no different.  The children were very enthusiastic about all activities and eager to learn more.  We looked at different aspects of the world around us.  We started with a look at the solar system and the different planets that are part of it.  The children now know that the sun is a ball of fire, that the earth goes around the sun and the moon goes around the earth.  They know that there are planets of different sizes that go around the sun in different speeds.  Earth is a special planet because it has lots of water.  That is why we are able to inhabit the earth.  It is also why the earth looks blue.  We saw what life inside a space station consists of and how astronauts sleep, eat and wash their teeth.  The clips of these are on the  e learning site and while watching them, both adults and children in the class were entranced.  The children saw how the lack of gravity meant that people could float about and that water goes upwards in bubbles rather than gushing downwards.

We looked at the earth and found out where Malta is on the map.  We saw a clip of what Malta looks like from above.  I told the children to observe the main colours they could see and we used those colours to paint the map of Malta that is now hanging outside the classroom.  I marked the places where the children live on the map and Pembroke, where the school is and we measured the distance between the school and the children’s homes using interlocking blocks.  We used the towers of blocks to compare the distances and see who lives closest to the school and who lives furthest away.  As part of this activity, we also read a book called “Me on the Map” (see link below for e learning site) and we then put “our classroom on the map” using the same line of reasoning as the book.  You can see this by clicking on the document below:


We also used Google Earth street view to see our school from the outside.  The children immediately recognised the road as the one in that we had walked down when we went on the Marathon walk.  Using street view we could also enter the downstairs lobby of the school and see the fish tank.  Try it out!  You just need to type St Catherine’s High School, Pembroke,Malta  in Google maps and drag the yellow man onto the appropriate  spot.

Our literacy links to the topic were letter e for earth and letter r for rocket. We also revised some of the letters covered so far using this picture:


Letter e is a caterpillar letter and is formed like this – “Start in the middle, go across, then make a c”

Letter r is a one armed robot letter and is formed like this – “start at the top, go down, bounce up and nod”



The link to the  e learning site for the letter e is and the link for the letter r is

We linked number 7 to our topic when talking about where we lived and added 7 flowers to the garden of a house.  Tomorrow, we will be counting the planets and starting to work on number 8.

Another mathematical link to our topic was the shape of the planets – the circle.  The children learnt about the properties of a circle which has no corners and just goes round and round.  The children looked for circles in the classroom and you can see what they found in the slideshow below.  You can also see pictures of them holding up circles that they made themselves out of pipe cleaners

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can find the songs we used in class and the stories we read by following this link to the e learning site –

Next week we will continue to work on the topic of The World Around Me and focus on the importance of taking care of our world.





















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