Today’s outing to Girgenti farm

Tired, muddy but happy!  This is what the children were like by the end of the day.  We had a lovely time at the farm feeding animals, having a scavenger hunt and planting basil.  The owners of the place were very organised and helpful and all was planned so that the children could have contact with the animals in a safe and supervised environment.  The children fed the pigs, rabbit, hens, sheep, donkey and horse, each time using different food items.  We had a scavenger hunt in which the children had to look for potatoes, onions, pegs, pencils, snails and lots of other things and sort them into the appropriate buckets.  We also had time to have a picnic lunch and for the children to play freely for a while.  Lastly, each child planted a basil plant which they brought home (except for those who had after school activities – I will give the plant to them tomorrow).  The plant needs to be watered daily and in about 3 or 4 weeks time can be put into a larger pot.

We took so many photos that they are taking a very long time for them to get uploaded to the blog.  I will finish uploading them overnight and post them tomorrow.


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