Today you will find the children’s notebook in their bag with two notes in it – one relating to the concert costumes and one relating to the reverse advent calendar.  Please sign the notes to show me that you have seen them.  Once I receive payment for the costume, I will send the costume home.

I also would like to introduce a new system for paperwork being passed from school to home and vice versa.  I would like to ask you to  buy an A5 plastic folder (with a button, any colour) and hand it in. If your child has a big bag, an A4 folder will do.   I will put your child’s notebook in it and will send it home in their bags every day.  You will need to check the folder for any new notes.  If I put a new note in it, I will leave the notebook folded open so that you will know.  Similarly, I will check the folder every day for any notes you send in or forms that you will be returning.  I would like to ask you to leave the notebook open if you have written anything in it.  I am doing this because I was finding it difficult to find notes in the children’s bags.

Thank you for your collaboration.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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