The world around me

Last week we spoke about the world around us and how we should take care of it.  We read a book called “Another fine mess” by Tony Bonning which has a recycling theme.  Fox’s Uncle is coming to visit and Fox’s house is in a mess.  He cleans up and puts his rubbish down a hole which is the house of badger.  The badger cleans up the mess and throws it down another hole which turns out to be the house of a family of rabbits.  The story goes on with a series of animals chosing the easy way out instead of cleaning up the rubbish in a responsible manner until the rubbish ends up back on Fox’s doorstep where some mice find it and take it away to reuse.  Unfortunately there is no online version of this story.

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The discussion that came out of this was twofold.  First of all we saw how important it is that everyone tidies up his own mess and leaves the floors of their houses, classroom and the road or countryside clean.  I am following this up in class and am reminding the children to check that the floor is clean after they finish eating.  Secondly, we saw how if people throw all their waste in the black bin, this waste is just dumped and these people could be responsible to the formation of a landfill mountain such as the one that was created in Maghtab in Malta.

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To avoid this happening we need to reuse things or recycle them.  We saw how we can recycle things such as clothes, toys and books by giving them to other people who might use them.  We saw how we can recycle paper, glass, plastic and cans at bring in sites and electronic equipment at civic amenity sites.  The children were quite taken in by this topic and quickly learnt to distinguish between items that are thrown away and those that are recycled.  I could see that some of them are already involved in recycling activities at home and that they had visited bring in sites.  I would encourage you to encourage your children to recycle at home and to involve them when you take things to be recycled.  These are the foundation stones for making them responsible citizens in the future.

Another way of taking care of the world around us is by looking after trees and growing plants as these help keep the air clean.  I related an abbreviated version of the story of the Lorax and we watched some clips from the film.  We read some books and watched some clips which helped us learn that in order for plants to grow, they need soil, water and the sun.  We planed some gulbiena that the children will be able to take home to decorate the manger scene with Baby Jesus in Christmas.  We also had the outing in which we had the opportunity to enjoy nature and to plant some basil.  Our planting activities helped us to discuss the concept of big and small as we saw how a small seed grows into a big plant.  We also learnt to tell whether a container is full or empty and to plant the gulbiena we had to see that the container was half full of cotton wool.

Lastly we read the parable of the mustard seed which is also about a small seed growing into a large plant.  We saw how that when we are kind to others, our small seed of kindness can grow into a big tree because through our kindness we may be encouraging others to be kind to other too.

Clips, songs and stories relating to this theme may be found here …

Our literacy link to this topic was letter g for grow little seed grow.  Letter g is a caterpillar letter and is shaped like this, “Make a curve, go up , down  and hook”


Songs and games relating to the letter g can be found here –





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