I have entered home the costumes of the children for which I have received payment. I have sent the pyjamas got the boys and girls but not the scarfs and hat as I still have to make the scarves and hats.  I am getting started on them this evening and hopefully you should have them all by Monday.

Please double check that the costumes fit the children well before removing any labels.  I did not try them on all the children at school but I tried them on the shortest and tallest of each group.  They should all fit but if you have any problems, please let me know.

Also, parents are asking what type of slippers I would like the children to wear.  I was considering bedroom slippers (papocc) as long as they fit well enough for the children to dance and jump when wearing them without the children falling or the slippers flying off.  I await your feedback to see whether this is feasible or whether I should find an alternative.


8 thoughts on “Costumes

  1. Dear Ms. Steff
    I was under the impression that the children are to wear school blue trainers and socks …. must have read it somewhere in the emails !!!! Along with white undervest and tights / leggings / trousers

    Regards Doreen Pace ( TJ)


  2. Is it ok if miguel wears his blue school trainers because his bed slippers are a bit loose and might come off while he is dancing 😊.


    1. I’ll just see what is good for the majority. Then I’ll decide whether to go for slippers and find some alternative for those who do not have or whether everyone will wear their school shoes. Just give me a couple of days and I’ll give precise instructions.


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