Advent – Preparing for Christmas

Another part of the Christmas activities this week was celebrating the start of Advent and participating in activities with the rest of the school in preparation for Christmas.  The  e learning page for topic work relating to Christmas is

I started off by reading the story of the Nativity to the children.  We saw how Mary and Joseph had to prepare themselves for the birth of Jesus by going on a long journey.  I told the children that just as they are preparing our houses for Christmas and we also need to prepare our hearts so that when Jesus is born our hearts are shiny.  To make our hearts shiny, we are following the theme chosen by the school this year which is Shine a Light.  I told the children that when we do something good, it is like when you bring a light to someone who is in the dark. It makes other people feel better.

Image result for candle

Each child decorated a candle which will be stuck up in to school corridor next week together with candles prepared by the rest of the school children and adults working in the school.  There is also a song associated with this theme:

We looked at ways in which the children can shine a light by doing good deeds in their lives.  These include sharing with others, speaking to people who live alone or have no one to visit them, helping out at home, saying thank you to people who do things for you and giving to the poor and those in need.  The school is helping the children donate to the poor by making the Istrina piggy bank available, through the reverse advent calendar and the Christmas tree wishes.  I am also giving the children a task to do each day to help them shine a light.  These are the tasks that I gave them on Thursday and Friday.  As from Monday, I will be putting the task on the blog on a daily basis so that you can help them remember what they have to do.

Lastly, our daily prayer for these weeks of Advent will be built bit by bit based on the story of the nativity.  So far we are singing these two bits:

Tomorrow we will add on:


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