Dress Rehearsal – Wednesday 7th December 

The dress rehearsal for the concert is next Wednesday 7th December.  Please bring the children to school and collect them from school at the usual times.  We will be taking the children to St Agatha’s in Rabat in a coach.  The coaches will be leaving the school soon after 8am so please ensure that you bring  the children to school punctually.

The children are to come to school wearing their costume, blue socks and school shoes.  They may have a t shirt or vest and tights under their costume as long as whatever they wear does not show up over the neckline or anywhere else.  They may wear their school jackets if it is cold.  The snowmen have their hat and scarf which they need to wear together with their costumes.  I have the scarves and hats of the boys wearing pyjamas and will take them to St Agatha’s myself.  I also have the scarves of the girls wearing pyjamas.  I have sent their hats home (pls see the post that follows this) so they will need to come to school wearing it for the dress rehearsal.  

The children need to bring their big bag to school with their uniform inside.  We will be leaving these bags at school and we will help the children change into their uniforms if we get back to school early enough.  Please make sure that each and every uniform item and each and every costume item is labelled.

The children also need to bring their lunch in a small separate bag which they will take with them to St Agatha’s.  Please avoid sending in things such as yoghurts that can be easily spilt as we will not have access to tables and chairs whilst eating.

Children not taking part in the concert can still attend school on that day and enjoy a day out with the rest of the class.


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