Info re concert on Saturday

Your children should have come home on Wednesday, telling you how pleased I was with them.  Not only did they perform very well showing the result of their hard work or the past few weeks but they were also very well behaved and co-operative.  It really helped us get everything done in a timely and efficient manner.  So thank you,  children, and well done!

Just a few points regarding the concert:

1.  I am sure that you do not need to be reminded but the concert is on Saturday 10th, this weekend!! And it will be held at St Agatha’s in Rabat (see previous post if you need directions).

2.  The children need to be there at 2.15pm.  Please be there on time.

3.  The children need come wearing their costumes with whatever they need to keep warm underneath (as long as it does not show up from under the costume).  They also need to wear blue socks and their school shoes.  Please do not forget their hats and scarves which I sent home last Wednesday.  You can secure the scarves with a half knot over the shoulder so that it does not fall off.

4.  You can send a small snack for your child to eat and some water.  Please do not send anything messy.

I hope that you will enjoy the show!


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