Christmas party

Today I sent out a note asking for food items to be sent in for the Christmas party on Wednesday 21st December.  I have asked a couple of you to send in items on Monday instead of Wednesday since on Tuesday, the children will be decorating biscuits that they will then eat on Wednesday.  I need the items on Monday as I need to bake the biscuits and prepare the icing on Monday afternoon.

On Wednesday, the main food items will be pasta salad.  There will be plain pasta to which the children will add the ingredients of their choice.  Can the people sending in the pasta please send it in ready cooked with a drop of oil added after in has been cooked so that it will not stick together?  You will not need to send in a plate as a couple of parents will be sending in plastic plates for the whole class.  For those who have been requested to send in the plates, I wrote plastic bowls on your note.  This is what I was referring to:

Kingfisher 15 Plastic Bowls 12oz

Ms Karen is hiring an entertainer to make the party more enjoyable.  Could you please send in Euro 1 to cover the costs of the entertainer?


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