The first few day of term 2

The children seem to have settled in well after the holidays.  It was a pleasure to be with them after such a long time and they were all brimming over with excitement with lots of stories of things they have done over the holidays.

Our topic for the coming weeks is patterns.  We are looking at both patterns found in nature such as the coats of animals and those that are man made such as patterns on clothes, on other fabrics such as towels, curtains or sheets and  on building (made by bricks, tiles, windows or fences).  The children are showing great interest in this topic and you can help by pointing out particular patterns that you come across in your every day life.  You may even take some photos and  email them to me.  Your child will be able to show the photos to his/her friends during circle time.

As from today we started writing numbers on our workbooks.  We began with number 1 following the rhyme “start at the top and down you run, that’s the way you make a 1”.  While they are writing, I am encouraging the children to first make sure that they are sitting properly on the chair.  They then have to remember to start from the top which is marked with a dot and then follow the rhyme.  We have got off to a good start.  As we go along, I will he helping those who need to adjust their pencil grip and others to work slower and more neatly but I am very pleased with what we have achieved today.

Our literacy link to the topic was l for lion.  The patter for letter l formation is “Start and the top, go down and make a tail.”  Letter l is a ladder letter.

We had a good look at the mane of the lion and saw that it was made up of two colours.  We then made a lion using these two colours for the mane (black and orange was the closest we could get with the colours we had available) alternating them in a black – orange pattern to try to approximate this effect.

We followed up this session of making patterns the following day with a story about a boy who always lined up his toy cars in a specific pattern.  His sister played with his cars without his permission and had to ensure that she lined them up again in the correct pattern.  The children copied the pattern and stuck cars in the sequence blue, yellow, red, blue, yellow, red.  You can see these, together with the lion stuck outside the classroom. The book is called Beep Beep Vroom Vroom written by J. Spikey and you can see it read out below:


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