Communication folder and notebook

Just a reminder that I would like the notebook to be kept in the schoolbag so that I will be able to attach notes to it as necessary.  A while ago I had asked for another folder (with a button A4 or A5 depending on the size of the schoolbag) to be sent in to keep the notebook in.  I would like to keep the red A4 folder that you had bought at the beginning of the year at school so that it is always available for me to sort out crafts and workbooks and send them home in batches.  Some people have already sent in the folder.  Could those who have not, please do so at your earliest convenience.

To summarise, we will be using 3 folders – the blue A4 ones for library books, the red A4 one (which I will keep at school) to sort and send home workbooks and crafts and an A4/A5 one of any colour to keep the notebook in.  Whenever I put a new note in the notebook, I will leave the notebook open so that you need not look through the pages every day.  I would like to ask you to do the same if you have written a note that you would like me to read.

On another note, some people still need to send back their child’s cushion.


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