Writing numbers 1 and 7

Last week, we started writing the number 1 and today we started writing the number 7.  We are following the rhymes above when writing the numbers.  In order to write the numbers properly I am telling the children that they need to do 4 things:

  1.  They need to check that they are sitting properly – on their bottoms and with their chair straight and tucked in.
  2. They start from the dot.
  3. They follow the rhyme.
  4. They keep withing the box that they are writing in.

Most children tend to sir down with their legs tucked in underneath them or write standing up or lying across the table.  Whilst accepting that children are children and that they have to fidget a bit even as they write, I am consistently reminding them how to check their posture.  The moment their paper is no longer directly in front of them because they have moved, their writing deteriorates.  You can help by encouraging them to sit properly even at home e.g. whilst colouring or eating (but not all the time!!)


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