Patterns in music

In the past week we moved on from talking about patterns in nature to learning that there are patterns in music.  We kicked off the topic with a book called Max found Two Sticks by Brian Pinkney.  In it, a boy who does not feel like talking finds two sticks and beats out a rhythm instead of answering.  We copied his rhythms by clapping and tapping out thighs.   We following this up in the gym dancing to songs with repetitive movements -a very exhausting session!!

We then began looking at different instruments and the sounds they make.  The children were very attentive and really enjoyed listening to the different instruments and commented on the different genres that they were exposed to.  We took the opportunity to revise some letters by finding the initial sound of the instruments that we listened to.

We saw how wind is used when the in some instruments to make music.  We linked this in to the letter w and saw how the wind moved wind chimes to make noise.  The children are making a wind chime out of clay.  They have cut out the bits and we are waiting for them to dry before painting them and putting them together.

Next we looked at the violin and saw some clips of young children playing the violin really well, and of course linked in the letter v to it.  We  made some violins and the children counted as we put four strings on each as number 4 was one of the numbers we were writing this week.

On Friday, we will look at the xylophone and the letter x.

All the stories, clips and games used in class, and those that will be used on Friday can be found on the e learning site that I have just finished updating –


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