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This week we experimented a bit more with patterns.  We played a tune on a xylophone that the children created themselves – they chose two colours and made a repeating pattering using blocks of these two colours.  We then followed the pattern on the blocks, tapping the keys of the xylophone of the same colour in the same sequence. I tried to create as many opportunities as possible for the children to create either 2 or 3 colour patterns using blocks and when they were quite confident at doing this, they transferred their knowledge to the written form colouring in buttons using 2 or 3 colours on their workbooks.

We looked at up down patterns focusing mainly on the yo yo but also seeing up down patterns used when playing the guitar and seeing sit down, stand up patterns and trying the latter out in class.  The children also gave two great suggestions of when we use up, down patterns in our life – one was when fishing and the other was when you press a soft toy or a spring.  These were things that had absolutely not come to my mind and I was really pleased to see the creativity and originality in the children’s suggestions.

Lastly, today we read a story about a kindness quilt and the children made a quilt on their scrapbooks using square scraps of fabric.  In the story, the children create a “kindness quilt” which is made up of drawings that they drew of kind deeds that they had done.  I am going to make papers available so that the children can draw kind deeds that they do and we will try to make a kindness quilt of our own.  So, if you child does something kind, you can let me know, possibly by writing a note in his/her notebook and we can include it on our quilt.  Otherwise they can draw their picture at home and bring it to school – the papers that we will be using are one quarter of an A4 paper.

All games, stories and songs using for topic work during this week can be found on the e learning site –

It is perhaps evident that the letters we covered this week are x for xylophone (which we started off last week), y for yo yo and q for quilt.  Here is the information about how to form the last two.

Letter y is a ladder letter.  To write it, we “Start at the top, go down, round, up, down and make a hook.”


Letter q is a caterpillar letter.  To write it, we “Make a curve, go up , down and kick back”

The e learning sites for each letter are and

We have now completed the whole alphabet.  Next week we will start writing the letters on our workbooks.


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