Patterns – insects and paints

We are nearing the end of our Patterns topic.  Last week we looked at the patterns on insects using “The Grouchy Ladybug” by Eric Carle for inspiration.  We looked at all the insects in the book and examined their patterns.  Over three days, the children built in a collage of insects which should soon be hanging outside our classroom door. We linked the letter i to this project and the children have been learning to write the letter i.  To write the letter i, we start at the top, go down and make a tail.  Lift and dot.

In the last few days of the patterns topic, we will be looking at patterns made with paint.  Today, I introduced the topic of symmetry.  We used paints and the “magic line of symmetry” to make a monster. As from tomorrow, we will move onto a more free and exploratory phase in which the children will be free to dip various objects in paint and see the patterns they make when stamped on paper.  Today we watched a clip of the story “I ain’t gonna paint no more” by Karen Beaumont.

Using the picture below, I made some papers available to the children so that they could trace their hands and decorate them using felt pens and coloured pencils in a similar way to the boy in the story.  Most of the children took up this opportunity.  A number of them did manage to create some lovely hands.  Others just drew patterns or pictures.  Whatever they did, it was a good exercise in self expression and once again, I hope to stick these up outside the classroom because i think that they are lovely.

Image result for I ain't gonna paint no more

We are now writing letter p for paint.  It is the first one armed robot letter that the children have attempted to write and I was very happy with their first efforts.  When writing letter p, you “start at the top, go down, big bounce up and make a head”


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