What a great day we had today!  From the moment they walked into the class. the children were brimming over with excitement, showing their costumes to their friends. We started off the day with breakfast and circle time in which I explained the day’s events to the children as they always like to have a timetable which they can refer to as the day goes by.  The children then had some time to play whilst I called then one at a time to choose a library book and Ms Nathalie prepared their hats for the parade. We had a special visit from the senior management team who were all dressed as trolls.  After that the children had some lunch and it was time for the parade.

For the parade, we joined in with the rest of the junior school.  The theme for this year’s parade was festivals around the year.  We chose to represent a hot air balloon festival which takes place in Mexico.  Our float was made out of hot air balloons that the children made earlier this month (when we were working on repeating sequences) which I tried to stick together so as to look like the picture below.  Ms Nathalie, Ms Maria and myself dressed up as hot air balloons to fit in with the theme.  Last week, as part of our making patterns with paint activity, the children had time to experiment making patterns using apples, oranges, mushrooms, toilet rolls or bubble wrap and paint, stamping patterns on kartoncin.  We used these to cut out the balloons for the children’s hats.

Image result for hot air balloon festival new mexico

The parade took place in on the turf and each class paraded round with their float in turn.  When all the classes had paraded round, there was time to dance around a bit.

After the parade, it was time to enjoy the entertainer, then the children ate again and watched an episode of Postman Pat while we cleaned up the classroom.  At the end of the day, we had time for some more dancing and fun in class.

Throughout the day, the children heard the Carnival song several times.  They danced and jumped to it and thoroughly enjoyed themselves doing so.  Below is a link to song should they wish to hear it at home as well.

And finally, here are the photos I took today.  I hope that you will enjoy the long weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday!

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