In the garden – nests and apples

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Last week we started working on our new topic – in the garden.  We started off by talking about birds and their nests.  Using “The Best Nest” by P.D. Eastman (the same author as Mr Willowby’s Christmas tree) as a background.story, we saw how birds look for a good place to build their nest and then use straw, string and all sorts of bits and pieces to put their nest together.  The children made a nest using a paper plate, straw, paper and other items and put a bird and 5 eggs in it.  The literacy link to this topic work was the letter n and we also linked the number 5 when counting the eggs.

Letter n is a one armed robot letter.  After having written the letter p, another one armed robot letter, the children did not have much difficulty in writing the letter n.  The only thing that I had to keep reminding them about was to make sure that both sides of the n go down to the same invisible line as a number of them were making the right had line shorter than the left hand one so that the letter looked as though it was hopping.  I kept on telling them that the n was like a tunnel and if both sides are not the same, the tunnel would fall down onto the cars below.  The letter patter that we use when writing the letter n is “start at the top, go down, bounce up, tunnel and tail”.

Number 5 is shaped using the rhyme below.  Prior to writing the number 5, the children also learnt to write the number 3.  The rhyme for the number 3 is also below:

The next sub theme of our in the garden topic was apples.  We used a fun book called “10 Apples Up On Top” by Dr Seuss writing as Theo Le Sieg.

Image result for ten apples up on high

We froze the book at the page where the tiger had five apples on his head to continue linking the topic into number 5.  We also looked at the life cycle of an apple tree and saw how it starts off from a seed and uses water and warmth to grow.  Once the seed grows into a tree, it produces flowers that then develop into fruit with seeds inside and the cycle can start again.    The children  started learning how to write the letter a.  The rhyme for writing letter a is “Make a curve, go up , down and tail”.  It is the first caterpillar letter that they are learning to write.

We will continue working on the theme of apples next week.  I thought that it might a good idea to make Wednesday a “bring and apple to school day” and of asking you to send in some apple in your children’s lunches that day.  If your child is not very keen on apples, perhaps you could just send in a couple of thin slices.  Perhaps they might give apples another try is they are not keen on eating them.

The stories mentioned above and other links used in class relating to the topic can be found by clicking this link –


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