In the garden – apples and sunflowers

Image result for apple trouble

The book in the picture above, formed. the basis of our work this week.  It is a lovely story about a hedgehog who gets an apple stuck in it’s spikes.  He finds lots of other animals offering him advice on how to remove it by he only ends up with other items stuck on him until he meets a goat who eats all the things stuck on his spines.   The children retold the story with the help of pictures, stopping each time to count the number of objects stuck on the hedgehog and we continued to work on the letter a for apple.

The children also learnt to write the number 8 and when doing this we referred back to the book that we used in the previous week and once again counted apples balanced on the animal’s heads.

Image result for 10 apples up on topImage result for 10 apples up on top

The nest subtopic of the “In the garden” topic was sunflowers.  We read a book which helped the children how sunflowers grow.  This was called 10 seeds by Ruth Brown

Image result for 10 seeds ruth brown

This book helped us link the writing of s for sunflower and the number 8 together, once again by counting our way through the book. The children have been working on writing the letter s and number 8 at the same time as letter s forms the basis for writing the number 8.  Working in this way, I felt that they children quickly grasped the formation of this letter and number, both of which are quite difficult to write.  To write the letter s, the children follow the patter “Make a small curve then curve back again like a snake”.  Number 8 is written following the rhyme below:

No 8

I have more exciting activities planned for next week linked to sunflowers.  The stories used for the sub topic of apples and sunflowers (so far) can be found here



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