In the garden – carrots

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The next item that can be found in the garden that we talked about were carrots.  The key text for this topic was the book The Big Carrot by Alison Hawes.  You can find this book read aloud (a version that had the children roaring with laughter!) pinned to our e learning site –  You can also find the e book on the Oxford Owl site but you will need to register with the site to be able to read it.  Registration is free.  This is the link to the site –

In our circle time session, we saw how carrots are orange because they contain a substance that is good for our eyes, bones, teeth and skin.  We saw the many ways in which carrots are prepared for eating – raw – sliced or grated, cooked or in soup.  The children added carrot cake to my list!  We saw how when we are eating carrots, we are eating the root of the plant.  The children could then taste some carrot pieces that I had brought from home.  Some of them ate a numbers or slices whilst others just nibbled a bit of both.

We linked the letter c for carrot to the book.  C is a caterpillar letter and the children found it quite easy to write it.  The patter we use is simple – just “make a curve”.  We also learnt to write the number 10 using the rhyme – “first a one and then a zero, number 10’s a superhero.”  The children counted rows of carrots to practise counting up to 10.

Lastly, we used the book to take our first step towards reading.  I chose the words cat, big, tug and Sam from the book and showed the children how words are read by blending the letter sounds together.  We used a slide to do this so that the children could understand the concept.  Gradually we will remove the need for a slide.  Do not expect your children to read words independently yet.  This was just an initial session.  However, if they do show and interest in reading words, do help them and keep their interest alive.  Here is a summary of how we used the slide.

To read the word cat, I used the following story.  To read the word, I need the letters to go up the slide.  Letter a is scared to go up so  letter c agrees to help her go up the slide and letter t promises to catch her at the bottom of the slide.

Blending cat 1

We stick c and a together and when we say the letter sounds fast enough they make the sound ca.  They go up the ladder making the sound ca, ca, ca, ca.

Blending car 2

The down the slide still making the sound ca, ca, ca, ca till when they bump into the n and the sound becomes ca-t, cat

Blending cat 3


We will try to read some more words this week.  I will change the words everytime we have a reading session because our aim is to teach the children the process of reading by blending sounds rather than teaching them to read the words by heart.



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