Photos of today’s outing

Since we left school early in the morning and did not have time for breakfast, we began our visit to the petting farm by having a snack.  We then had time to tour the animals.  As we went round, I tried to point out the nest boxes in the birds’ cages to link in with the sub topics of nests and eggs in our current theme and the burrows dug by the rabbit which we will be talking about later this week.  The children, then had time to play in one of the little play areas.

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We then made our way to Pepe Nero.  We had to wait outside until the other group of Pre-Junior children finished their session (they were running a bit late as they had got caught in traffic).  Luckily, we could sit at the tables outside the restaurant and, though the children could not wait to go inside and get started, it was really pleasant to sit outside in the warmth.  Finally, we went inside and the chef helped the children one by one to prepare their pizza dough and place their toppings on the pizza.  He was very patient indeed and gentle with the children.  The  children watched their pizza going round in the oven until it was cooked and then tucked in.  The chef even made a bit of a show with the pizza dough by making a huge dough which he twirled around above his head.  The children loved it!

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