Good deeds for Lent

This week, we launch our Lent initiative in preparation for Easter.   As in previous years, at St Catherine’s we try to help the children live this important season of our faith.   Tomorrow’s religion lesson will be our first step in this regards.  We will be discussing ways to love each other and I will be encouraging the children to remember to do small acts of love to others or good deads during their day.  They will be bringing home a heart cut out of kartoncin in their folder together with their notebook.  If they do something kind at home, I would like you to write it down on a heart and send it back to school.  I will read out the kind deeds during circle time and replace the heart so that you will always have one at hand.  We continue collecting good deeds throughout until the end of the term.    I would encourage you to help your children out with this by being attentive to spot any acts of kindness they may do and praising them and by helping create opportunities where they might bring happiness to others with a small gesture.  I have prepared some ideas of what such act could entail and am listing them below.  I will also be sharing with you the results of our tomorrow’s brainstorming session with the children since their ideas will be probably better than mine

Acts of mercy



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