Good deeds for Lent – children’s suggestions

Today, I launched the good deeds for Lent initiative in class.  I told the children that during Lent we will be showing others that we love them.  Their first answers to “how do we show people that we love them?” were hugging and kissing them and giving them something.  I slowly managed to move them on to more concrete examples of how to help others.  Each time I looked for a picture showing what they had suggested and put in on the starboard so that at the end, we had a list that they could understand.  I am uploading them below.

Lent 2017

We are hoping that our good deeds will encourage other do be kind to each other too.  When your child does a good deed, please remember to write down the good deed in the heart provided. Please return the heart with the good deed written on it in the notebook folder and I will replace it with another one.


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