In the garden – hedgehogs

Image result for Harold the hedgehog

Last week, as part of our exploration of things found in the garden, we learnt about hedgehogs.  The first book that we read about this topic was “Harold the Hedgehog” by Jack Connolly and Rhianna Lewis.  Harold envies other animals because he would like to be colourful like a snake, have a good memory like an elephant, jump like a kangaroo etc until an animal makes him realise that other animals would like to have spikes like he does.  The following days the children learnt how and why hedgehogs are endangered.  I asked the children to look out for hedgehog signs such as these when driving through the countryside:

Image result for hedgehog signs maltaImage result for hedgehog signs malta

We also read another book about hedgehogs.  This time it was a book with facts about hedgehogs written by Jan Marie Muller.

Image result for natures amazing series hedgehogs The children love learning new facts about animals each time we speak about a new animals.   They particularly enjoy seeing the babies of each animal.   Both books can be found on the e learning site –

Our literacy link to the topic of hedgehogs is letter h for hedgehog.  H is a one armed robot letter.  When writing it, the children need to remember that they only need to bounce half way up the line before making the tunnel. Otherwise, it will look like a n. Letter h WALT and WILF

In their numeracy work, the children worked out additions by counting hedgehogs and food the hedgehogs eat.


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