“My Journey in Pre-Junior”

Image result for You are a star students clipartsImage result for You are a star students cliparts

Yesterday you should have found an envelope in your child’s folder containing a envelope with a document called “My Journey in Pre-Junior”.  This document relates the journey of your child so far in Pre-Junior noting his or her strengths and pin pointing one or two areas in which we are trying to help your child to grow.

As I wrote these reports, I became aware of how much each and every child has grown since the beginning of the year.  I hope that you will join me in celebrating their strengths and achievements.

(Yesterday, we put the folder in the bag with the crafts and cushion.  If you did not send a folder in, you will find the envelope in your child’s bag.)


2 thoughts on ““My Journey in Pre-Junior”

  1. Thanks a lot for all your hard work and dedication TJ truly progressed these past months
    May you have a Blessed Easter
    Doreen Pace


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