In the garden – kite flying

Image result for kite flying grace lin

This week, we brought our “In the Garden” topic to a close with something that we enjoy doing in the garden – kite flying.  “Kite Flying” by Grace Lin was used to introduce the children to the topic.  This book showed a family putting a kite together.  The children learnt about different traditions around the world relating to kites.  They also made and decorated their own little kites which they then flew outdoors in the playground.  They loved running around with the kite behind them.  Some of the children managed to get the kite off the ground and fly quite well despite the fact that we had to keep the strings short.

Our literacy link to kites was letter k for kite.  This is usually one of the most complicated letters to write but seeing that they were learning to write it directly after learning to write the letter h, they handled it very well.  By the second writing session they were off and away writing it correctly and confidently.  So a big well done to all!

Once again we used a garden scene with children flying kites in it to read some simple words.

In the garden CVC kites

To complete our addition in daily life sessions I asked the children to imagine they were farmers.  What would you need to count and add?  This is what they came up with.

In the garden farmer counting


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