Our Lady of Sorrows

On Thursday, in our religion letter we learnt about the sad and happy times of Easter.  Before Easter, we remember the times when the people were not nice to Jesus and so we go to mass and pray a bit more.  Visit exhibitions and go to processions and eat food that is has less sugar such as hot cross buns.  During the masses and processions, music that sounds sad is played.  On Easter day, we go to mass and to processions which are more upbeat and happy, the bands play lively music and we open up our figolli and Easter eggs because we are happy that Jesus rose again from the dead.  I showed the children clips of Good Friday and Easter Sunday processions so that they could see the difference.

We thought about how our mums feel when we are sad or hurt.  We then thought about Mary, the mother of Jesus and how she must have felt during the sad time of Easter.  The children glued together their hearts with good deeds written on them and on Friday, in a special prayer sesssion for Our Lady of Sorrows, they offered them to Mary to help her feel better.



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