Vets in class

It is surprising how much fun children can have with improvised toys.  A soft toy, “bandage” strips cut off an old t shirt, a home made stethoscope, old medicine spoons, cups from the toy kitchen and plastic tweezers.  They kept the children occupied for a long time!

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Sports day

Thank you very much to all the parents who made the time to join us today.  Your presence meant a lot to your children.  They were very excited that you were there to watch and participate with us.

Here are a few photos that I managed to take of the children.  I have quite a few photos of the parents’ races and activity as well but I wanted to ask for your consent before posting them on the blog.  So, if anyone has any reservations about having their photo on the blog, please let me know by sending me an e mail.  If not, I’ll upload the photos tomorrow.

People who help us (and their vehicles)

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These past two weeks we have been working on the topic of People who Help in the community.  So far, we have spoken about policemen, train drivers, lifeguards and vets.  We have red a variety of books about these topics which served both to increase the children’s knowledge of the subjects as well as to enhance their vocabulary.  These books are displayed below:

Image result for policeman smallImage result for i love trains philemon sturgesImage result for terrific trainsImage result for paula the vet

The children are finding this topic very interesting and their imagination is working hard as they start to imagine themselves as adults in the various jobs.  I am trying, as much as possible, to insert information that is relevant to their lives as we discuss each community worker.  So far, they have learnt that a policeman is a trusted adult who they can trust to ask for help (as opposed to someone they should be afraid of) and how to dial 112 in case of an emergency.  They also learnt how to keep safe at the beach and how to know whether a beach is safe to swim in by looking at the colour of the flags put up by the lifeguards.  It would be great if you could help them look out for these flags in summer when going to a beach that is supervised by lifeguards.Image result for lifeguard flags

We linked a letter to each community worker  or the vehicle they use- we had j for jeeps that can be driven by policemen; y for yachts used by lifeguards; u for underground trains drivers and v for vets and their vans.

We also worked our way through the numbers 15 to 17.  Each time I emphasise that the number is made up of a ten and another number eg. 15 is 10 and 5.  When the children count up to the number, they then check themselves by dividing the objects counted into 10 and the other number.  As soon as we reached the number 16, counting objects became more difficult because it takes a lot of concentration for the children to accurately count up to such a high number.  Also, quite a few children miss out either the number 15 and 16.  These counting skills will be further refined in Junior 1 but in the meantime, I encourage you to count up to 20 with your children whenever the opportunity presents itself to you in your every day life – e.g. when going up stairs.

Resources used in class relating to the topic may be found here –

Songs about numbers in their teens, not all of which were used in class but many of which are fun to watch, may be found here

Traffic light bread

As part of our people who help topic, next week we will be talking about wardens.  I thought of organising a simple cooking activity on Thursday where the children will make up their own lunches in the form of traffic light bread.   So, if possible, instead of their normal lunch, could you please choose one of the following options and send in the items required:

Savory option

1 bread roll or bun, cut open and buttered or two slices of bread, buttered (or spread with cream cheese) or even 2 crackers

1 red ingredient – e.g. slice of tomato, piece of red pepper, slice of salami

1 yellow/orange ingredient – e.g. slice of cheese, piece of yellow/orange pepper,  some sweetcorn

1 green ingredient – e.g. olive, piece of lettuce, avocado

Sweet option

1 croissant or sweet bread cut open (spread with butter, if you like)

1 red ingredient – e.g. strawberry, cherry,  slice of red apple

1 yellow/orange ingredient – e.g. slice of banana, slice of peach

1 green ingredient – e.g. grape, slice of kiwi

Please feel free to modify and substitute items as required.  Also, you can work out whatever size of bread you think your child would like to eat and top up with normal lunch items.  The children really enjoy eating food that they themselves have prepared so it is better to send in things that your child likes rather than have a perfect traffic light.  We will be preparing the bread before the main lunch break at 10am.

Bottles of water

Due to the heat, we are using up our water supplies fast.  Could I ask you all to send in one large bottle of water once again?  Hopefully, this last lot will last us until the end of the year.  Thank you.

People who help – vets

As from last week we began talking a out people who help us in the community.  I will be posting details of what we have talked about in the weekend – please excuse the delay but I have been very busy with the sunflower event and preparations for sports day.

Today we were speaking about vets and we have an upcoming event that the children are very excited about and which I thought I’d better inform you about tonight.  We made stethoscopes as our craft and I told the children that on Tuesday they will be allowed to bring a small soft toy animal to school so that they would be able to play vets and examine it using the stethoscope and some other items that I will bring in.  The soft toy needs to be small enough to spend the day in your child’s bag so that the children can bring them out only when we need them – for the vet session.  Also, please ensure that all soft toys are labelled.  A ribbon with you child’s name around their neck would be one easy way of doing it.  Also, for obvious reasons, it is important that the soft toy is an animal.

Sponge yacht craft

Sailboat craft for little ones

Next week we will be making yachts out of sponges.  Could you please send in a kitchen sponge for us to use in the craft?  I tried it out at home with a cheap ordinary sponge like the one below and it sailed perfectly.

Image result for kitchen sponge

We will be doing the craft in the second half of the week, so there is no need to rush out to buy one to hand it in on Monday.

Record broken – thank you :)

I just wanted to say thank you to all those who participated in all or part of today’s events.  Thank you also to those who were unable to be there but still showed their support by sending in the children appropriately dressed and encouraged us with their good wishes.

This event was organised to commemorate 1 year from the death of Mrs Marie Midolo, the previous School Principal who was instrumental in making this school community a vibrant and caring one.

Here are some photos:

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Some points for tomorrow

  1. The children are to come to school dressed in green.  If their clothes are comfortable, they can remain dressed that way for the rest of the day.  If not, you can send/bring in another set of clothes for the child to change in to.
  2. We will at the park between 11.30 and 1pm.  I recommend that you bring sun cream with you and a cap for the children.
  3. All the children need to bring to school is a bag containing their lunch and plenty of water to drink.