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Our topic objective for the first few weeks of the last term is to learn about Holland.  This  is because each year, our Sports day is centered round a country – it’s traditions, landmarks etc – and this year we have chosen Holland.

After having gained an understanding that Holland is another country which we would need to go on an airplane (or boat) to visit, the children first learnt about the flag of Holland.  They saw pictures of the Royal family of Holland (see picture below)  which is known as the House of Orange.  The picture on the right below is a picture showing Dutch citizens celebrating King’s Day which is the King’s birthday and a National holiday in Holland.  This is celebrated on the 27th April and it fitted in perfectly with the timing of our topic.  People wear orange and celebrate on the streets.

Image result for Royal family hollandImage result for King's day

Today saw a clip of the story of the Little Dutch Boy.  This helped the children understand how people who live in Holland are called Dutch and the things made in Holland such as cheese are also called Dutch.  It also helped them gain an understanding of the importance of dykes in Holland.  The story may be found below:

The literacy links to these topics have been letter f for flag, o for orange and d for Dutch.  The children have come back from the holidays refreshed and I can see a big improvement in the ability to write letters when compared to when we started writing back in January.


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