Numbers 11, 12 and clocks

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This term, we began working on numbers in the teens and have completed our work on the numbers 11 and 12.  As we work through the teens, I will be reminding the children of two things.  The first is that numbers in the teens are made up of a ten and another numbers.  So 11 is a ten and a 1 and 12 is a ten and a two.  I keep on showing them this visually using Numicon shapes as can be seen in the pictures below.

When the children counted up to 11 or 12 either when counting out objects or when drawing circles, they could choose to to count all the way up to 11 or 12 or count out 10 and a 1 or 10 and a 2.

When learning about the number 12, the children also learnt about what clocks look like.  We concluded that clocks are made up of a shape (often a circle) with the numbers 1 to 12 on it and two arrows that are called hands.  We only dealt with o’clock times.  The children know that the big hand would be on the 12 and the small hand shows the time. Songs relating to this topic may be found here ….

We also made clocks by placing numbers on the floor and using the children as hands – they loved it!! Here are some photos.

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