Library books

Today, all the children brought a library book back home with them, as usual.  If your child has  either Sam’s Pot or Top Cat in their library folders, then they should read it themselves with a bit of help from their parents, if necessary.  If they have any other book, it will be for the parents to read to them.   I am not starting off the book rotation for books to be read by the children for all the children on the same week  since we have 2 books that are a bit easier than the others and I would like all the children to start off with one of these.  All children will bring back readers the same amount of times until the end of the term.

We also have a handful of Maltese books that have been added to the library.  Some children have already chosen to take them home.  If you have a particular wish to read to your child  in Maltese, please let me know and I will encourage him/her to choose a book in Maltese next time


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