Canals in Holland – Locks and Boathouses

Image result for Boat houses amsterdam bedroom

The last bit of our journey through the topic of Holland had us discussing canals.  We first used google maps to take a walk through a street of Amsterdam besides a canal, crossing a bridge and seeing a boat house parked by the side of the canal.  You can access the place we walked in by following this link.  You can click the arrows that appear to walk around.,4.8989752,3a,75y,0.29h,69.99t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4bsjllrfBNw-eztRL9Zgmw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

We then explored the topic of locks and how they are used.  I explained how sometimes when canals meet each other, they can be on different levels and, if this is the case, locks are needed to allow the boat to go from one level to another (since boats it can neither jump nor fly!).  I used the clip below to show the children how locks work.

Tomorrow (weather permitting) we should have the opportunity for a hands on session about how canal locks work as I happen to have a toy canal with a functioning lock which I have taken in to school for the children to play with.

We then moved on to the concept of boat houses using the story, Cosmo the Boat Cat written by Sherry Sweet Tewell which can be seen below:

We saw how in reality boat houses can be very glamorous and had a sneak peak inside some of them.

Image result for Boat houses amsterdamImage result for Boat houses amsterdam bedroomImage

We linked the number we were learning about, number 14, to the topic by putting 14 flowers on a boathouse to make it look pretty.  As the numbers we are counting up to are getting bigger, I am asking the children to first count the number of objects – 14 flowers in this case.  I then ask them to check their counting by dividing the 14 flowers they have counted out into two groups – one of 10 and one of 4.  If they have counted incorrectly, they are able to identify and correct their mistake.  I will continue doing this as we work our way through the teens.

The literacy links to this topic were l for locks and b for boathouses.


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