Library day

A gentle reminder that tomorrow is library day.  It is more important now that books are all sent in on Friday as otherwise the book rotation will not work.  If you do not send back a reader on time, it means that I cannot pass the book on to another child.

Tomorrow, the children who took home a reading book last week will take home their second book.  Another group of 5 children will bring home a reader.  The remaining 10 children will bring reading books home next week. This week, since there are more groups taking reading books home, I only managed to read the book once with the children.

I am getting good vibes from the children in the reading groups.  They seem to be enjoying the fact that they can read a book.  However, if they are finding it difficult at home, I would appreciate it if you let me know and I would be able to slow down.  It is better that they read fewer books and feel more confident.  If we want our children to become lifelong book lovers,  reading book should never become a chore or something they dread, but rather a shared moment of enjoyment.


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