Come and join in the fun – Thurs 18th May

Next Thursday 18th May is the first anniversary of the death of Mrs Midolo, former principal of the school.  To commemorate this date, the school has devised a programme of activities which it has invited parents to participate in together with their children.

The first activity is a mass at 8.15am in commemoration of Mrs Midolo.  The Pre-Junior children will not be attending the mass but their parents are invited to attend.

At 9.30am the school will attempt to break a Guinness World Record of the largest number of persons dressed as sunflowers at a single venue.  Some of you may remember that we had already attempted to break a record a couple of years ago and we did manage but our record was surpassed with a short time frame, much to the children’s disappointment.  This time, we really wish to break the record in a more permanent manner and need your help to do so.  The school will be donating Euro1 to the hospice movement for every person participating.  A template to make a sunflower head piece is available from the class.  Also, please speak to me if you need any help with the green clothes for the costume.

At around 11am, the Pre-Junior children and parents attending will be going to the park near the Radisson Hotel to spend some playing together.  Ms Karen will be sending a circular with more detailed information and a form to fill in so that she will know how many people will be attending so that she can book transport.

Mr Brian sent out an email with a form to be filled so that the school will know who will be attending.  Last Friday, I put a hard copy of the form in the children’s folder for your convenience.  The deadline for handing in the form is tomorrow, 15th May.


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