People who help – vets

As from last week we began talking a out people who help us in the community.  I will be posting details of what we have talked about in the weekend – please excuse the delay but I have been very busy with the sunflower event and preparations for sports day.

Today we were speaking about vets and we have an upcoming event that the children are very excited about and which I thought I’d better inform you about tonight.  We made stethoscopes as our craft and I told the children that on Tuesday they will be allowed to bring a small soft toy animal to school so that they would be able to play vets and examine it using the stethoscope and some other items that I will bring in.  The soft toy needs to be small enough to spend the day in your child’s bag so that the children can bring them out only when we need them – for the vet session.  Also, please ensure that all soft toys are labelled.  A ribbon with you child’s name around their neck would be one easy way of doing it.  Also, for obvious reasons, it is important that the soft toy is an animal.


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