Traffic light bread

As part of our people who help topic, next week we will be talking about wardens.  I thought of organising a simple cooking activity on Thursday where the children will make up their own lunches in the form of traffic light bread.   So, if possible, instead of their normal lunch, could you please choose one of the following options and send in the items required:

Savory option

1 bread roll or bun, cut open and buttered or two slices of bread, buttered (or spread with cream cheese) or even 2 crackers

1 red ingredient – e.g. slice of tomato, piece of red pepper, slice of salami

1 yellow/orange ingredient – e.g. slice of cheese, piece of yellow/orange pepper,  some sweetcorn

1 green ingredient – e.g. olive, piece of lettuce, avocado

Sweet option

1 croissant or sweet bread cut open (spread with butter, if you like)

1 red ingredient – e.g. strawberry, cherry,  slice of red apple

1 yellow/orange ingredient – e.g. slice of banana, slice of peach

1 green ingredient – e.g. grape, slice of kiwi

Please feel free to modify and substitute items as required.  Also, you can work out whatever size of bread you think your child would like to eat and top up with normal lunch items.  The children really enjoy eating food that they themselves have prepared so it is better to send in things that your child likes rather than have a perfect traffic light.  We will be preparing the bread before the main lunch break at 10am.


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