Workbooks and crafts sent home

I am in the process of sending back all workbooks and crafts completed during term 2 and 3.  Before sending them home, I am trying to ensure that most of the pages missed our on due to sickness or other absence from school are completed.  In the case of letter and number writing pages, I am not asking the children to complete all pages but only to practise until I think that they have grasped the formation to the best of their abilities.  So, if a child would have missed out on all three letter writing pages for a particular letter, if the child completes the first page and writes the letter well using the correct letter formation, then I am not asking him/her to complete the other 2 pages.

You will also note certain terminology written or stamped on the pages.  Starting off in the writing books I sent home and then more consistently in later booklets, the second and third letter/number writing  pages were marked as either “learning objective achieved”; “working towards your learning objective” and 2 stars and a wish.

You've Achieved Your Learning Objective Pre-inked StamperYou're Working Towards Learning Objective Pre-inked StamperMy Wish is' Pre-inked Stamper

If the work was stamped as “learning objective achieved” it meant that the letter/number was written neatly using the correct formation.  I used the  “working towards your learning objective”, stamp for those children who used the correct formation when writing letters/numbers but whose fine motor skills need to develop a bit more in order to enable their writing to be smooth. The last stamp is the two stars and a wish stamp that I used when there was something specific to improved eg. remember to start from the dot or not to write outside the box.  This last stamp proved to be very effective and I would read the wish to the child at the beginning of the next writing session to remind them what was expected of them and most times, they rose to the occasion and adjusted their writing accordingly.

Please remember that your children are in Pre-Junior and do not expect all your child’s work to be marked as “objective achieved”.  What is most important at the moment is that they learn and remember the correct formation.  Also, please remember where your children started off from.  I have been looking through all the workbooks one more time before sending them home and I am very happy with the progress of each and every child.


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